Environmental Land Management:
Landowner’s objectives have become more diverse through the years and the management of their properties has had to evolve as well.  Enhancing and restoring habitats, elimination of exotic species, and the reclamation of resource depleted lands contribute to a shift in land management that focuses on total ecosystem management rather than the management of one resource.

Services Description of Services
Environmental Buffers Planting of select plant species to provide environmentally friendly, natural audio/visual buffers.
Exotic Species Control Chemical & Mechanical treatments to assist in control of exotic plant species.
Gopher Tortoise Relocation FES business relationships enable it to provide relocation services to its clients.  Whether it is permitting a site as a recipient site or permitting for removal. 
Mapping Detailed vegetation mapping (FLUCCS, etc.)
Mitigation Natural resource mitigation planning and implementation.
Reclamation Restoration and mitigation worked directly linked to the reclamation of a site. 
Restoration Reduction of undesirable species, re-establishment of native vegetation, implementation of a maintenance treatment program, monitoring effectiveness of results.
Vegetation Management Prescribed burning, chemical applications, and mechanical treatments utilized to enhance the quality of native flora. 

FES strives to understand landowner objectives in order to provide comprehensive management services that enable the landowners to achieve their goals.  Our holistic approach allows landowners the ability to manage their property utilizing multiple-use philosophy and principles.

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