Prescribed Burning:
Prescribed burning is an important tool in the enhancement of habitat, reduction of competing vegetation and hazardous fuel loads, site preparation, restoration, and the rehabilitation of a site after a silvicultural treatment such as a timber sale or chemical/mechanical treatment has occurred.  Prescribed burning is also one of the most versatile tools landowners can utilize to achieve their goals and objectives.  Although inherently dangerous, when properly planned and implemented, a prescribed burn may be the most effective/efficient means of land management while most closely mimicking natural ecosystem management.

FES conducts prescribed burns utilizing a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager.  In the preparation and implementation of a prescribed burn several measures are taken to ensure a successful burn:

Prescribed Burning Measures Description
Management Objectives Determine the reason for the burn and desired results.
Site Visit Meet with landowner to view entire property and individual burn blocks.  Locate smoke sensitive areas immediately adjacent to property.
Fireline Inspection Inspect fireline integrity and make note of anything that may compromise its effectiveness (grasses, leaves, snags close to the line, etc.)
Fireline Placement/Improvement Utilize contractors to either place new lines or improve existing lines before conducting a prescribed burn. 
Mapping Maps of the entire property and individual burn blocks with firelines and key danger areas indicated.  Smoke management maps to determine areas affected outside of the property. 
Burn Plan Preparation of the prescribed burn plan describing the parameters in which burns will be conducted, illustrated with the maps.
Acquisition of Burn Permit Notification of all state and local agencies in regards to the burn and obtainment of burn permit from The Florida Division of Forestry.
Implementation of Burn On-site application of prescribed fire to achieve landowner’s goals.
Mop-Up Monitoring of prescribed fire after its completion and the use of water and other agents to reduce the amount of residual smoke.
Post Evaluation Evaluation of the site to determine if the landowner’s objectives were achieved. 

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