Timber Sale Assistance/Timber Valuation:
Timber sales are no longer just for those landowners interested in the high production of timber.  More and more, timber sales are becoming a conduit for landowners to achieve the multiple-use goals and objectives they have for their property.  Whether through the use of timber sale revenue to pay for additional treatments to their property or the planning of a timber sale as an integral part of a habitat enhancement/restoration plan, timber sales remain a very important tool for landowners to utilize.

Timber valuation is an important step not only in the timber sale process, but throughout land management in general.  Knowing the value of your resources allows a landowner to account for the costs of management and create a plan for their property that is both scientifically and fiscally sound.  Management decisions and planning can be made easier knowing the value of the resources and associated costs of their management.

Most timber sales may have some components of these common steps taken to ensure their success:

Timber Sale Process Description
Management Objectives Determine the reason for the timber harvest and desired results.
Site Visit Meet with landowner to view entire property and individual harvesting areas.  Locate any endangered/threatened species, environmentally sensitive areas, or logistical challenges. 
Permitting Coordinate with county and local governments with regards to the need for permitting the project.   
Determine Harvest Strategy Coordinate the objectives of the landowner with any/all environmental limitations to create a timber harvesting strategy.
Mapping Properly map timber sale boundaries to obtain accurate estimates of acreage and subsequent volume projections.
Mark Timber Physically mark the timber to be harvested or to remain according to the pre-determined harvest strategy and objectives of the landowner.
Timber Inventory Conduct a timber cruise to estimate the total volume of timber currently present and of that to be harvested. 
Market Timber Advertise timber to various timber buyers.
Show Timber Coordinate physical showing of timber to various timber buyers.
Bid Timber Advertise the timber for sale to selected timber buyers. 
Timber Valuation Determination of the value of a landowner’s timber based upon the estimate of the volume of timber and market prices at the time the valuation was completed.
Contract Development Develop a timber sale contract between the landowner and timber buyer.
Harvest Monitoring Monitor the harvest to ensure goals and objectives of the sale are being achieved. 
Administration Responsible for ensuring timber buyers have proper insurance, scale tickets and payments are correct, and contractual obligations are satisfied.
Post Harvest Monitoring Monitoring of timber sale for possible insect activity after harvest is complete. 

With our state of the art GPS & timber inventory hardware & software FES is able to manage your timber sale as a stand-alone operation, or as an integral part of your overall management objectives.  

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