Wildlife Habitat Management:
In order to have quality wildlife experiences on their properties, landowners must manage their land to enhance and possibly create favorable habitats.  Planning is essential, and proper utilization of the various silvicultural techniques will ensure quality habitat for both the landowner and wildlife to enjoy.  Whether managing for game species or threatened/endangered species proper habitat management and its maintenance is the key to the success of targeted fauna.

Depending upon the landowner’s goals and targeted wildlife species of special interest their property may require several different types of management services:

Wildlife Habitat Management Description
Species of Interest Determination of management for the landowner’s targeted wildlife species of interest.
Assessment of Current Habitat Determination of the current condition of habitats on the property.
Plan Development Prepare a plan based upon the landowner’s objectives and targeted species of interest.
Habitat Creation/Enhancement Utilization of various techniques such as prescribed burning, chemical and mechanical treatments, timber sales, reforestation, direct seeding, and habitat creation to achieve the landowner’s goals.
Threatened/Endangered Species Management Coordination with Federal, State, and local agencies to properly buffer and manage for threatened and endangered species. 

Wildlife habitat management is usually integrated within the total management of a property.  FES is able to provide habitat management services whether they are stand-alone or integrated within the confines of a larger land management plan. 

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