Environmental Land Management Services In Florida

Environmental land management in Florida can include enhancing and restoring habitats, the elimination of non-native/invasive species, and the reclamation of resource depleted lands.

Environmental Land Management Objectives

Environmental Land Maanagement Objectives

Environmental land management covers a wide spectrum of services and landowners’ objectives have become more diverse through the years and the management of their properties has had to evolve as well.

Many landowners have multiple uses for their land, and this contributes to a shift in environmental land management that focuses on total ecosystem management rather than the management of just one resource.

Environmental Land Maanagement Objectives

Florida Environmental Land Management Services

Environmental land management encompasses multiple resources such as timber, wildlife management, soil and water conservation, recreation, aesthetics, and non-native/invasive species control.

Creation of Environmental Buffers

FES℠ can create audio and visual buffers to limit aesthetic and noise pollution. We assist landowners in the selection of vegetation to plant, creating environmentally friendly natural looking buffers. When able, FES℠ utilizes native, drought tolerant, pollinator species. 

Gopher Tortoise Relocation

Gopher tortoises exist throughout most upland habitats within Florida. FES’℠ business relationships enable it to provide relocation services to clients, whether it is permitting a site as a recipient site or permitting one for removal.


Proper mapping is a key first step in the environmental land management of a property. FES℠ can provide detailed vegetation mapping utilizing common nomenclature to delineate the different physiographic and topographic features, land use classification, and vegetative cover within a property.


Mitigation typically involves trying to reduce an impact that has occurred to a site. This is accomplished through planning, and implementing the plan to create, or rehabilitate the affected area, either on-site or off-site.

Non-Native/Invasive Species Control

Many non-native/invasive species exist within the State of Florida and many landowners are unaware of the detrimental effects these species can have on their property. FES℠ can investigate and assess sites to determine the presence of non-native/invasive species. If found on-site, FES℠ provides services to reduce and hopefully eliminate the noxious species through chemical applications, mechanical treatments, or a combination of both practices.


Reclamation involves returning a site to the condition it was pre-disturbance. FES℠ works closely with landowners to assess, plan, and implement a successful reclamation strategy for their property.


Restoration is similar to reclamation, but typically involves more maintenance features than a complete overhaul of an area. Typical services include the reduction of undesirable species, re-establishment of native vegetation, implementation of a treatment program, and monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment results.

Vegetation Management

FES℠ offers a wide range of services to reduce the quantity and enhance the quality of vegetation on a landowner’s property. These services include chemical applications, mechanical treatments, and prescribed burning to promote forest health, enhance the quality of native flora, enhance the wildlife habitat, and reduce the risk of wildfire.

More Information on Environmental Land Management

FES℠ strives to understand landowner objectives in order to provide comprehensive environmental land management services that enable the landowners to achieve their goals. Our holistic approach allows landowners the ability to manage their property utilizing multiple-use philosophy and principles. For more information on proper land management services, contact us and we will be able to assist you with your options.