Florida Timber Sale Assistance

Timber sales are no longer just for those landowners interested in the high production of timber. More and more, timber sales are becoming a conduit for landowners to achieve the multiple-use goals and objectives they have for their property.

Timber Sale Revenue

Whether through the use of timber sale revenue to pay for additional treatments to their property or the planning of a timber sale as an integral part of a habitat enhancement and/or restoration plan, timber sales remain a very important tool for landowners to utilize. With the advent of whole tree chipping in Florida, timber sales can also be utilized as a lower cost site preparation option when either reforesting, restoring, or enhancing a site.

Why Should I Have My Timber Marked & Inventoried?

This is a question we often receive. If you have a substantial amount of timber, and you want the highest quality trees remaining  for future health, timber production, and to maximize revenue, marking and inventorying your timber is the most prudent approach. Marking allows a forester or technician to walk the site, and evaluate individual trees ensuring the best trees remain, and the worst trees, those that are genetically inferior, stagnant, have insect/disease issues, are subordinate, or are dying are removed first.

Timber Marking & Inventorying Ensures the Best Trees Remain

The following graphics show a stand of timber that was marked to leave the best trees prior to harvest and then inventoried. The following graphs show the total tract stocking, what will remain after the harvest, and what is being harvested.

As you can see in the bar graphs, the majority of the number of trees being harvested are coming from the lower product classes and diameters, whereas the total number of the trees remaining after a harvest of the marked timber is found within the higher product class categories and larger diameters. Only marking your timber first will allow you to ensure that the proper type and amount of trees remain for the future health and growth of your forest.

Timber Sale Services in Florida

We provide a full array of timber sale services such as physically marking your timber, inventorying the timber, marketing the timber to area buyers, contract development, and harvest monitoring. With our state-of-the art GPS and timber inventory hardware and software, FES℠ is able to manage your timber sale as a stand-alone operation, or as an integral part of your overall management objectives.

Non-Traditional Forest Products

Since NTFPs are specialized markets, property size and location may determine the feasibility and marketability of your NTFP resources. FES℠ assists landowners in the management and sale of non-traditional forest product items such as pine straw, palmetto berries, lightered stumps, and “crooked-wood”.

Pine Straw

Non Traditional Forest Products Pine Straw

Pine straw is used in all forms of landscaping as a ground cover that reduces weeds, provides erosion control, retains moisture, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Saw Palmetto Berries

Saw palmetto berries are used in the medical field as a medicine or supplement to assist with everything from prostate health to hair loss. Lightered stumps are harvested from properties and the resin within them is extracted to create a variety of products we use in our daily lives.

Lightered Stumps

The products made from lightered stumps include fragrances, health and beauty products, adhesives, tires, beverages, and chewing gum.

Crooked Wood

Non Traditional Forest Products Crooked Wood

Rusty lyonia (Lyonia ferruginea) is considered “crooked wood” and is utilized to create artificial trees and planters, and also can be used for walking sticks.

Completion and Submittal of NTFP Permits

Where necessary, FES℠ assists landowners in the completion and submittal of permits for the harvest of certain NTFPs. We work closely with our clients and local producers to ensure healthy habitats are maintained, ensuring a sustainable harvest of these resources can occur.

Additional Information about Timber Sales

For more information in the use of timber sale revenue to pay for additional treatments to their property or the planning of a timber sale as an integral part of a habitat enhancement and/or restoration plan, contact us and we will be able to assist you with your options.